Who Is Tissa Godavitarne?

Tissa Godvitarne is a very successful Online Affiliate Marketer as well as the founder of ACME People Search, an online People niche Affiliate Marketing Program. Tissa, a college dropout, started in affiliate marketing in 1999. With little money and maxed out credit cards Tissa started to think of ways to make money online. He came up with the idea to start a free People Search Engine. He did not acquire success right away, it took him a little over a year to start making money.

Aside from Tissa's success, he continues research and develop new techniques in areas where he sees best fit for the expansion of his business. His on and offline tactics takes beginners and experienced marketers to another level.

Tissa made over $ 1.2 million from affiliate commissions alone from promoting his own ACME People Search Engine. Besides his success with ACME People Search, Tissa is also one the top leaders on the GDI (Global Domain International) leadership board every week making thousands in GDI referral commissions.

Tissa also created one of the Forum Support imaginable. The forum staff also known as the Super Sponsors are there to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the program specifics, site building, Marketing, Advertising, Promoting (MAP), pretty much anything guiding you in the direction to your success. To ensure your this Tissa pays a total of $ 233.85 to the Super Sponsors who provides you with quality information in a timely manner.

Tissa Godvitarne continues to grow his online business successfully backed by a powerful team.

Source by S. Bonelli

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