Unlocking the 6 Secrets of Success With the LYF MLM Company

How Big A Deal Is “How”?

Do you realize that if you bring someone into your LYF networking business without providing them with one or multiple solutions on how they can earn in that company the only thing you have given them is a problem? It’s like having a hammer and not knowing what to do with it. The only thing that you have assisted this person in doing is wasting time and money. This is the very havoc I try to prevent as and MLM attraction marketer.

Any rep that you bring into this company is not looking to be sold a dream.

They are looking for authentic results the they can duplicate for themselves. This is what we as attraction marketers like to call duplication of the down lines. All the top earners who are on this page reading this article right now know exactly what I am talking about. Lets discover how to dominate LYF inc rather than being caught up in the fluff and hype.

Knowing Your Company Inside Out.

Its all starts with the compensation plan my friend. You must be able to convey to your lead clearly how exactly is the company going to benefit them should they implement the correct strategies properly. Now please take not while it is important to be familiar with your MLM companies pay structure it is not going to help you generate leads and income to the business opportunity. It will just let you know how you will be rewarded if you implement the correct marketing strategies toward this company of your interest.

The compensation plan for this particular company provides seven different ways to make money with them:

1. As an associate you can earn Retail Profit from sales to customers (the difference between whole sale and retail pricing.

2. Associates earn a weekly commission from new personally sponsored associates that are trained to make their first sale within 30 days of an immediate sign up.

3. Associates can earn a LYFLINE commission for additional sales made by associates in their down line based on a qualified rank.

4.Partners and above a Partner Achievement Commission (PAC)

5. Global Partner 2 Star and above can earn shares of the Global Bonus Pool.

6. Global Partner 5 Star Bonus Pool.

7. Global Partners that maintain their qualified rank for 10 consecutive years earn a Partner Lifetime Achievement in LYF.

Understanding Your Target Market

If they’re so many great MLM marketing companies around that are giving away large amounts of money for they’re opportunity then why do most people fail? Part of the main problem is that people feel like they can recruit anybody into their company. People have to understand that just because you company has a phenomenal compensation plan and products doesn’t guarantee that anybody will just jump on the bandwagon with you. People need to realize that the only people they should be attempting to recruit are other network marketers.

This is the main reason why you always hear that you shouldn’t go after family members and friends. Unless your family members consist of top earner marketer who can build a massive down line in a 24 to 48 hour period you should avoid doing it. It is not even a matter of family and friends. Its all about presenting your business opportunity to people who are already interested in LYF and MLM marketing on the whole.

Understanding The Dangers Of Company Replicated Websites.

When you go online and you market a company as big as this you need to stand out. You cannot accomplish this integral necessity with a company replicated splash page. Just think about how many other people who belong to the same company you are in that are using company replicated websites as well. Those other people who belong to LYF as well are your competitors in obtaining the best success from this company.

When you use a company replicated website and capture page that maybe 120,000 other people are using you leave a very great margin to allowing yourself to be dominated by competition that is too fierce.

Having An Attraction Marketing System In Place To Secure Your Success.

Think about what it is you want out of this company for yourself. You want to be able to have more leads than you have time. You want leads to join you not because of your company but for the knowledge that you can offer them to dominate their business. You want to attract leads to you in droves so that you can be laughing to the bank to collect your company check. Your success all lies in you learning how to market and learning the laws of attraction when dealing with these type of companies.

Source by Justin Caesarr

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