UCAN Hydrate Electrolyte Powder Jar with 5 Key Electrolytes – Watermelon Flavor. Sugar Free, 0 Carbs, 0 Calories, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Optimal Hydration (30 Servings)

Price: $23.95
(as of Jul 25,2020 20:03:05 UTC – Details)

ELECTROLYTE POWDER FOR MAXIMUM HYDRATION – UCAN Hydrate electrolyte powder revitalizes for optimal dehydration recovery and replenishes electrolytes and refreshes your body’s critical components so you can feel ready and able to take on anything.
GREAT FOR DEHYDRATION RELIEF CAUSED BY WORKOUTS, TRAINING, HEAT EXHAUSTION, TRAVEL, & ILLNESS. Prevent fatigue and recover faster with UCAN Hydrate. It’s great for curbing hangovers, hydrating during illness, combating heat exhaustion, and rehydrating during and after workouts.
FORMULATED BY AN OLYMPIC DIETICIAN – 2x more magnesium per serving compared to other popular electrolyte products; magnesium aids energy production. Used by many professional athletes. No artificial ingredients like acesulfame potassium or sodium benzoate.
FAST DEHYDRATION RELIEF – While dehydrated, your body isn’t functioning optimally – rehydrate with UCAN Hydrate Electrolyte Powder, and recover faster.
CLEAN, SUGAR FREE HYDRATION – Skip the sugary sports drinks and rehydrate with UCAN. Sugar free packets are portable, easy to use, and mix instantly with no acesulfame potassium, sodium benzoate, or artificial sweeteners. Unlike other hydration products, UCAN Hydrate is a zero sugar electrolyte powder for a clean way to replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat.

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