[SNAG] The Ultimate Sweeps Lazy Lander

[SNAG] The Ultimate Sweeps Lazy Lander

You have to extend your sincerest gratitude to your generous overlord, Mr.Lazy Neo (@twinaxe) for this.

You customize your landers straight off your JS file, yes? {device_brand} {lazy_neo} and some such stuff.

As of now, you _don’t even need to open _yer lander files to edit stuff.

I’m serious.

In Lazy Neo’s version, you can edit the values with URL parameters.



According to my advanced calculations, it’s going to take you exactly 2 clicks and 1 scroll down to grab the lazy lander.

Yer welcome, yet again.

>> All it takes is a click, scroll down to bottom of the thread, click and the lazy lander is all yours <<

Been in the Affiliate Marketing game for a while? You know the industry shifts rapidly – what worked yesterday may not work today.

But some verticals just last forever, they’re called “EVERGREENS” and DATING is one of them!

People can spare a new iPhone, they can live without a solar installation or the new best app for their phone… but who doesn’t want someone by their side?

But this doesn’t mean it’s easy to profit with dating offers!

Let’s hear it from STM’s dating expert Matuloo: “Trying to make it in dating, using the same offers that every affiliate network rebrokers? Good luck! You may as well start throwing money out the window. Dating is one of those verticals where offer means everything, find them or you’re toast. Working directly with the advertiser is the only way at times.”

The good news: there are some solid direct advertisers in dating, that have been around since like… forever. VIPOffers for example are in the TOP league.

  • Founded in 1996 (was there even internet back then?)

  • $2 billion in commissions paid to affiliates (yes, billion)

  • 1000s of offer variations available (goodbye saturation)

  • Street payouts start at $3 per SOI lead even on mobile (bumps possible)

  • New Landing pages added all the time! Check a sample HERE 🙂

Are you a baller who can drive volume? They’ll even make banners or LPs for you and if that’s not enough, ask for a custom offer and you shall be served.

EN markets can be tough, but to be honest, that’s where the party is at. Master US and UK and you can play Santa next Christmas! VIPOffers can help you along the way, cause they know these markets the best.

And a special bonus: Tired of PPL dating offers? VIPOffers is one of the few dating advertisers that also offer the “CC submit option” … in more than 100 GEOs!

Conquer the world in 2020 with VIPOffers!

“Is Direct Linking Helpful for Push Traffic” -> “Waaah it didn’t work”

So can ye direct link on push?

Short answer, no…maybe.

Using a lander gets your potential customer all warm and fuzzy inside before they get to pull out their CC and turn paler than a Trump seeing his wall get crushed.

A lander makes it easier to cope with what’s to come.

@twinaxe, @matuloo, @platinum, and others jump in and explain the intricacies of landers.

Plus what works without a lander.

And why.

Oh, the why is muy importante.

You ought to listen closely.

>> Go ye here and support a newbie, hit that thanks button <<

Corona vs Ecom?

The Lord of the Boars, a.k.a. @wakeboarder dropped by with some worrying ecom news for the EU:

“We are operating in EU (IT, FR, DE, SL) and things are getting out of hand.

Info provided by courier services (GLS, DPD DHL, …) are changing every few hours.”

Other members reported a sharp decline in conversions shortly after Trumpy’s speech.

One guy says 90% of their business is done for.

The upside?

(Of course, there’s an upside. Are ye a mad man to think otherwise? This is STM.)

Mr. Manu Adefy from Stacked Marketer (formerly WTAFF) is gathering intel via a clever poll here.


“What’s at risk (based on traffic source, vertical and product type).

Go in there, give yer feedback and we all get to see what works and what doesn’t.

And how to quickly pivot.

Also, @wakeboarder has shared an invaluable spreadsheet with all sorts of couriers across the EU – see which ones are still doing COD and which ones are restricted, plus tons more.

>> Fight the coronavirus and save yer eCom biz, go ye here <<

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