Pure Beeswax Blocks, Highly-Filtered (not Bleached) Natural Ivory Color, unscented, Craft Grade, 10+ pounds (Approx. $8.90/lb)

Price: $118.29
(as of Jul 20,2020 21:55:43 UTC – Details)

Beeswax is natural and non-toxic, renewable and ecologically sustainable, and makes the world’s best candles.
Beeswax has many craft uses, in addition to traditional candle making. Pour into molds, dip elegant tapers, fill containers.
Highly filtered beeswax burns consistently and completely.
Beeswax makes nagative ions as it burns that clean the air of pollutants, irritants and toxins.
See “Santa Fe Beeswax Candle” website for more information on burning candles and beeswax, sale items, and our full product line.

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