Newbie’s First $1k Revenue Day / $409 Moolah in Pocket

Newbie’s First $1k Revenue Day / $409 Moolah in Pocket – Courtesy of 2020’s Whats Working Report

First off, go grab 2020 What’s Working in AM Report.


Because if you haven’t gotten it yet, expect to see my arm protruding from your monitor and _slapping your greedy affiliate face_.

  1. It’s free and

  2. If you don’t have it you’re missing out on where the entire industry’s going and

  3. the biggest names and companies in the industry have generously provided invaluable advice for us all to listen and

  4. Amy and Matej and our amazing team have worked their asses off to get this live for you.

Speaking of newbies, this one pulled in $1k in revz and about $400 in money-in-yer-pocketz.


Typically, you’d want to zero-in, to laser-focus on the thing that’s working out for you…

And then scale the living s%[email protected] out of it.

Instead of having 100 $XX/day camps, have 1 $XXXX/day camp.

The kicker?

“I also read “What’s Working in 2020” and one of the quotes that made an impression on me was by Dim Niko. He said something along the lines of “_Double down on what’s working_”. I decided to try this out and scaled the hell out of a campaign that was already working for me, but generated low daily profits.”

What followed is not just 1 scaled campaign…but all of them.

P.S. You may wanna see _exactly what s3ks3k did_ and apply it to yer camps ASAP.

P.P.S: Yer welcome, again.

>> Go ye here and see how to scale your own camps (do so while reading the WW report tho) <<

You didn’t think we’d go through 2020 without another awesome promotion, did you?
This month is all about POP-MANIA!

Does EITHER of these describe you?

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So… what are you waiting for?

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*This promotion is available until March 31st or our budget runs out, whichever comes first. First come first served!

$XX / Day With a Little Help From My Friends

“I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends” <- thread title.

My friends referring to none other than STM friends, of course.


“Just hit $33.75 in a day revenue, $13.77 profit.

Really REALLY happy and excited. Feel like the dream is on track.

Mr @manchester felt completely lost and confused most of the time.

‘Tis a tough journey indeed.

You’d overanalyze and waste hours sliding down deep rabbit holes.

But ye know what?

In a twisted affiliate way, this actually is great news.

Hear me out.

All these struggles, no matter how difficult, force you to come out of your shell.

You decide to join STM because you’ve chosen to be brutally honest with yourself – it’s time to start accepting criticism.

Nay! It’s time to start welcoming criticism.

This is the only way you’ll improve and achieve.

The cherry?

You make a lot of great friends along the way.

Kudos to @manchester, may the following days be triple and quadruple-digit.

P.S. Bless the Zucc

>> Go ye here and support a newbie, hit that thanks button <<

“I’m following the f$#% out of this” – Road to $100k Email Magic

This is a follow along by a super successful affiliate.

Dude runs multiple successful businesses already.

He now wants to start building mailing lists.

Lead gen stuff.

“My goal is to build an extensive enough email list and make at least $100k revenue by the end of this year ONLY using this list.”

The best part?

To start, he’s going to be using his favourite pop sources (as counter-intuitive as this may sound): Zeropark, Adsterra, PropellerAds, AdMaven, Evadav, Pushground

The best-est part?

This guy (plus a few others mentioning the same thing in our thread) swear they’ve been “persuaded” to try email stuff by this here thread: AWA by Anthony Sarandrea

Anthony Sarandrea has an AWA speech named “How I Built a $100k+ per Day Lead Generation Biz from Scratch”

Guess what?

This speech has been posted on STM exclusively for hungry STM affiliate eyes.

The rest of the world gets this way later down the line.

Let the little devil on your shoulder (yours truly) persuade ye into starting your own follow along.

1. Watch Anthony’s speech

2. Read @diplomat’s follow along

3. Start your own piece of STM history

>> Yer welcome, now go say thanks to @diplomat and provide some encouragement <<

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