How to Start Your Network Marketing, Modern Party Plan or Web Affiliate Company

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(as of Mar 12,2020 15:30:15 UTC – Details)

Rod Cook’s Annual How To Start Your Network Marketing, Modern Party Plan, or Web Affiliate Company is the worlds largest (over 304 8.5 x 11) diagrammed, detailed books on starting an MLM Company. It gives written descriptions of what you need to do to prosper, often with illustrations followed by essential check lists. It covers critical areas such as Strategic Marketing research, MLM Legal issues that destroy many MLM Companies, MLM – Party Plan, Compensation Plans (diagrammed in detail), how to attract MLM Distributors to build your company, how to run operations, a complete Glossary of MLM – Network Marketing and Party Plan terms, a complete chapter on MLM Software and a CD rom on how to choose the Software, how not to get cheated by fraudulent Software vendors or MLM Consultants, there is a complete chapter on multiple low cost sources of everything needed to save money, there is a chapter on how not to let top MLM builders manipulate you while at the same time attracting top MLM Hitters, as an addition there is a 200 page E-book on the CD rom on the MLM Internet University and Killer Internet Marketing Tactics for MLM – Network Marketing an Party Plan Companies. This book is re-written at least once a year (sometimes monthly) to keep the content fresh and the marketing tips hot. The book includes an hour of FREE consulting with Rod Cook, a certified IMC/AMA Master Consultant, in the area of MLM – Network Marketing – Party Plans and Affiliate Marketing programs. The strength of this book comes from the fact Rod is a programmer, owned an MLM Company, and has been a million dollar a year earner in Network Marketing – MLM. He also did Party Plans and was part owner of a Party Plan Company. Rod took all his years of experience since 1968 and put it into a selfhelp know how manual, How To Start Your Network Marketing, Modern Party Plan, or Web Affiliate Company. The book is written in common business terms so that it is easy to understand, (especially with pictures and diagrams) while the precise logic (such as MLM pay plans) is by the experienced M.B.A. Rod Cook.

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