How To Make Money With Clickbank – Why A 17 Year Old High School Kid Is My Online Marketing Guru

A few years ago all I wanted was to make money online. That was the key to getting what I wanted in life: Freedom, no boss, working from home and spending time with my family.

I would come home from work and sit in front of my computer all night. I was trying to unlock the secrets of internet riches.

Unfortunately I ran in to the trap of ‘information overload’. I began to buy all the popular ebooks from all the popular gurus. I read them all in hope of finding the ‘secret’ to making money online. I found that these ebooks told me WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it. They told me I needed my own website, but they didn’t tell me how to get it. They told me to market in the search engines, but they didn’t explain how to do it.

I was becoming confused and frustrated.

Worse, I wasn’t taking action. I was ‘stalled’.

One day I came across another website marketing another ebook. I almost clicked out of the website, but I’m grateful I didn’t. Something about the website caught my eye. This ebook was written by a 17 year old high school kid. This 17 year old kid said he made 60K a month online. I felt like a schmuck. I was a grown man and I hadn’t made a dime online. I kept reading this kid’s website and began to get excited. There was something about it…I got out my credit card and ordered the ebook.

As soon as I downloaded it, I began to read it.

This ebook was different from all the others I’d read. This 17 year old high school student had written an ebook that showed me step by step what to do to get my own online business. I didn’t need my own website. I didn’t need my own product. But I had a business up and running within the hour.

Better yet, within 24 hours I made my first $100. I was on my way.

Since then I’ve stopped buying all the ebooks. I have focused on this ebook written by a 17 year old and I’ve never looked back.

Why am I telling you this? Because you need to do the same. Find one ebook, one teacher or guru, and stick with that ebook and teacher until you’ve mastered the material. That will keep you focused.

Source by Brad Thurston

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