Books “Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing” with CD ROM, 2nd Edition, Hardcover Book by Berry & Burnell

Price: $55.57
(as of Jul 25,2020 23:05:49 UTC – Details)

Detailed chapters cover these fundamental topics:
Basic imaging: How the light that falls on your CCD becomes an image. Covers image formation, cameras, telescopes, detectors, sensor geometry, image capture,field of view, and angluar coverage.
Counting Photons: “Astronomy is about counting photons….” Covers signal, noise, the signal-to-noise ratio, the Poisson and Gaussian distributions and whythey matter, making better pictures by summing images, and how dark frames and flat frames effect the signal and noise in your images.
Digital Image Formats: Covers the file formats that astronomers use, including FITS, TIFF, BMP, and JPEG. Learn file format basics, how your image data is arranged inside the file on your computer’s hard disk.
Imaging Tools: All about sensors, optics, cameras, and telescopes. Explains how to calculate the field of view and resolution of your system, telescope optics for imagers, auxiliary optics, mounts, drives, tracking, filters, and how to recognize and correct common equipment problems.

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