Amega Global Review – Will These Magical Products Create Wealth?

Besides having a extensive range of health and wellness products, it appears as though Amega Global may of invented their own dialect. Thankfully this Amega Global review is strictly about the business opportunity and not the product line. I’m not even going to attempt to decode terms like Bio-Energetic, Amized Fusion, EGA Consumables, Zero Point Energy or AMFoods.

Amega Global was incorporated by a group of three companies in 2006. The company’s products are manufactured throughout Asia and distributed through the Network Marketing business model. They’ve achieved a worldwide presence with offices presently in 17 countries.

Amega Global Leadership.

Whenever considering any Network Marketing business opportunity, the first thing a prospective new distributor must research is the ownership and management team. To often this is overlooked by countless Network Marketers. Your ultimate goal as a business associate of Amega Global should be to produce long lasting residual income and you want to be confident that the company is committed to operations within the Network Marketing industry for many years to come.

Both Calvenn Starre (VP Business Development) and Rick Fleshman (VP Marketing and Operations) have long lucrative careers within Network Marketing. However, on the company’s corporate website there is no reference that either Eric Banks (President) or Arun Kemer (CEO) have spent any time or have any experience in Network Marketing. This should be a main concern for anyone considering this opportunity because your future commission checks will be greatly impacted by the decisions of these two gentlemen.

In the past month alone, two significant MLM companies have abandoned the Network Marketing business model and in the process wiped out thousands of hard working distributors commission checks almost overnight. In both instances those decisions were made by executives with little or no Network Marketing background. Does this mean this will without doubt happen with Amega Global? Absolutely not. But as a business associate you need to understand that you own nothing and the company can change their pay structure or means of distribution however they see fit. This is why all veteran Networkers always look at the leadership first when considering a new opportunity and you should as well.

Compensation Plan.

Amega Global has a binary compensation plan which seems to have become industry standard in modern years. The 10% binary compensation is solid with the bonus structure looking as though it favors associates that recruit heavily. With the Fast Start Bonus set at only 10% for new associates, it appears this to a great extent favors those at the higher achievement levels. This is both good and bad, depending on what your existing rank is. The mega matching bonuses pay seven generations from Diamond and below up to Associate Director. There is a builders pool set at 1% of the complete country pool for Diamond’s and below. This is a fantastic incentive for new associates who are actively building their business.


Being a health and wellness company, it’s not surprising that the only reference of growing your business is through sharing the product with friends, family and associates. These methods are effective and have worked for decades, however the company doesn’t appear to offer any assistance to associates wanting to build their businesses online. The techniques used for offline marketing cannot be implemented in today’s online world. It’s unfortunate that the company doesn’t offer any form of lead generating or followup system that I can see.

For anyone looking to build their Amega Global business online, they must understand that personal branding is the key to finding true success on the Internet. Sharing magic bracelets and wands will not build colossal organizations or strong teams online. This can only be accomplished by offering true value and displaying solid leadership abilities.

Source by Tucker Keeling

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