????Nooblet Hits $129.81/Day w/ Push ????Profit from Online Gaming During the Lockdown

????Nooblet Hits $129.81/day /w Push Then Evolves

_Well_, _well_, _well_, _well_, _well_.

Evolution right before yer very affiliate eyes.

Live. On STM.

Just peeky-lookie below:

Few reds, many greens, and a $126.98 day.

Now, this is beside the main point of this here follow along.


‘Cuz this guy’s snatching up some priceless nuggets as he moves across fields of lush push traffic sources.

Revelations of sorts, if ye may.

First off, do you know what’s going to have the biggest ROI impact on yer campaigns?


It’s mindset. (pick a few STM success stories at random and come back ‘ere, ye’ll see a pattern forming)

Quote from follow along:

“I can make it work. I picked this offer properly. It must work”. Right now I don’t want to be right, I just want to make money Your ego could be the bitch.

He’s starting to walk.

Wipes tear

The Second Revelation:

Optimize my ads for CTR. I realized it after this post by fjk87 and after twinaxe’s presentation where he showed what kind of creatives he uses. If you read this, thanks guys.”


Twinaxe jumps in and follows up with this:

“The trick with creatives is to find a good compromise between high CTR and being related enough to the offer.”

“A very high CTR doesn´t help when it´s completely unrelated to the LP/offer, a very targeted and specific creative doesn´t help when the CTR then sucks.”

P.S. There’s a barely noticeable reply ye’d miss if it weren’t for yours truly.

It’s about a specific traffic source, a specific objective, and a specific offer type, that works on specific devices.

Ye’d never find such advice anywhere in the wild, that’s fo sho.

wink wink

(Thanks @jaybot)

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A dozen apocalyptic books and (super cheesy) films couldn’t have prepared us for the crazy times we are living in right now… But we still need to bring home the $$$!

The earth may have clicked pause but everyone’s online!

Now more than ever…

With sporting and live events cancelled (no sports betting!), the global economy all but shut down (nobody wants to invest in forex or crypto right now!), and unemployment reaching alarming rates, people are looking for new channels for both entertainment and money-making – and they have found it in online gaming!

Have you discovered NetoPartners yet? They run direct affiliate marketing services for the top iGaming brands which offer the coolest original online slots & scratch card games you’ll see!

The people have spoken… they still need some fun!

NetoPartners’ brands have had a dramatic increase in new player sign ups across all media channels since the global lockdown and their affiliates are even reporting a surge of conversions from players who previously showed little interest in online gaming.

On average across all campaigns (Facebook, PPC, UAC, SEO, etc.), NetoPartners’ brands showed an increase of over 400+% since Europe went indoors! With record daily peaks of over 1023% in leads and FTDs!

…. And it hasn’t slowed down!

Conversions are climbing every day!

The NetoPartners team is pushing forward during this crisis and has stayed fully available to its affiliates around the clock, with support (digitally, of course) and hot marketing materials to help them convert with confidence! To get more details about their plans, click here.

Exclusive invitation:

Get in on the action now with their affiliate program and you get 500€ cash for the first 5 FTDs you bring in – on top of your personally optimized CPL/CPA/REVSHARE commission plan.

Existing affiliates will also get a May boost>> Grow your leads/FTDs by 10+% and get 500€ (min of 200 leads/10 FTDs)!

Don’t stockpile toilet paper >>> stockpile cash!

New FA: Affiliate Digs Deep Moat — Expects Moolah from WH FB

This STMer got tired of the one-man-show agency “lyfe”.

It got “too demanding for my taste”.

Ah, don’t we love crystal clear signs of a future affiliate?

Long story shortened:

Friend of his makes a beauty product.

Friend thinks doing IM is as easy as “camps go brrrrr…

Friend runs out of money, panics and then pings @youreadthis.

The moat?

Has direct access to the site.

The product is good.

They don’t have any sales or promos running right now.

Funnels have been redesigned.

Nobody else is pushing this.

Product: Beauty skin care product, 0 experience in the niche

Geo: Local, small country

Tracker: FB reporting / pixel

Ads Channel: FB /my best/ + IG /I don’t even have account there yet..

Test budget: €500-550 ads + up to €100 deployment


“I’m creating this FA with the goal of sharing a little different kind of affiliate experience. Also, to my great surprise, I’m learning A LOT of new stuff here, and it’d be nice to be a bit more active, and share the results I get from different methods and tricks learned here. I will post more as soon as we launch some campaigns, stay tuned!”

Yours truly has subbed and is waiting impatiently.

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“What’s preventing you from living YOUR best life ever?”

Sweet behbeh jeezzus. (source, praise be to Jeremy Clarkson)

That’s one of those deep, thought-provoking threads.

Typically, the first reply is:

“More Money.

And Hookers.

But mostly money

That’s it really. The rest of my life is pretty good.”

Some people, though, have simpler ambitions.

Such as* more sun* (ironic, coronavirus is giggling like a little girl).

A nice dinner with lots of friends.

Lazy Neo’s reply is…nothing. He’s livin’ the life.

A tip from The Chosen One himself: “Work towards happiness and not towards maximum money.

Other replies are a tad bit more direct: corona. (don’t forget to inject yer nightly dose of Cardi B before bed as prescribed by Dr. Yours Truly)

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